söndag 21 september 2008

Explodia enters the internet.

Hello there. My name is Kjell. Mine is the honor of telling the world the story of the once proud and vast nation of Explodia.

About 3000 years ago, the prosperous nation of Explodia, with sustainable agriculture, advanced filosophical structures and an incredible amount of talanted artists, vanished from the surface of the earth. Few managed to escape the terror of the invaders, and most of those who did, were persecuted for centuries. Much of the information from that time is lost, but every now and then, our archeologists find something, and we add it to the scriptures.

As I mentioned before, i have the honor of telling the world about what has been done to me and my people. I am what we explodians call the "teller", and I maintain all of the relationships with our allies, friends and spiritual connections. With this electronic journal, I want to tell you our story, and hopefully find more of my people, whom are scattered all over the world. We, the Explodians, also hope to return to our safehaven, which was spared from the destruction, when our primary home was destroyed. The location of this safehaven is still unknown to us, but our scientists and archeologists have recently found clues that might, long term, bring us closer to our rightful home.

The blood of Explodia, which runs through my veins, contains very potent DNA that, has not yet been spotted by the majority of todays science society. However, through extensive research, our skilled scientists have found a link between us Explodians, that unmistakably connects us with the lost nation. This DNA is brought down through generations, quite randomly.. it sometimes seem to skip generations and can lie latent for decades before showing itself. There are still some questionmarks that need to be straightened out, but we can, at this time, with 90% certainty see if you are, or arent related to the original Explodians.

Anyhow, I seem to be running out of time, so I should think it would be fitting to end this first entry with sharing some of Explodias wisdom:

Always remember that: whatever happens, happens.

I hope you will read this and spread our message.

/Teller Kjell Håften